Western Red Cedar Vertical Shadow Secret Nail DTC14 - 18 x 92mm (78mm Cover) Images

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Species Description

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) when installed has a variety of reds, pinks & brown colours making it one of the elites when it comes to attractiveness. The timber can also be left untreated several years to achieve a classic silver colour. Western Red Cedar’s durability is second to none in terms of timber cladding, it is extremely resistant to decay splitting & movement once installed. All of Duffield’s Western Red Cedar is sticked & dried on site to less than 20% moisture content. This, along with the timbers colour & physical properties, makes Western Red Cedar a go-to choice for external timber cladding.

Profile Description

Shadow Gap Secret Nail Cladding works in the same way as standard creating a pronounced 10mm square shadow gap which uses natural sunlight to visually enhance the building but is modified to have an extended top half to the rear of the piece allowing for a nail to be covered over after fixing. A modern and striking profile free of any visible fixings.


Available as PEFC

Key Features

  • #2 Clears + Better (inc 15% #4’s) grade
  • Varying between red, pink & brown colours
  • Vertical cladding
  • <20% moisture content
  • Naturally attractive & durable
  • Naturally attractive & durable
  • Highlighted 10mm shadow gap
  • Fixings are hidden once installed
  • Stainless steel fixings to be used
  • Owatrol Textrol HES recommended finish


Subject to availability: 1.85 - 4.85m / 6 - 16 feet


£3.80m exc VAT

£44.20m² exc VAT

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Technical Specifications

Western Red Cedar

  • Common Name: Western Red Cedar
  • Scientific Name: Thuja plicata
  • Avg Dried Weight: 370kg/m3
  • Grain: Straight Grained
  • Texture: Medium to coarse
  • Grade: #2 Clears + Better (inc 15% #4's)

Technical Specifications

Western Red Cedar Vertical Shadow Secret Nail DTC14 - 18 x 92mm (78mm Cover)

  • Overall Size: 18mm x 92mm
  • Cover: 78mm
  • Metres per m2: 12.82m

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