Western Red Cedar Vertical Shadow DTC12 - 18 x 94mm (86mm Cover) Images

Price on Application

Species Description

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) when installed has a variety of reds, pinks & brown colours making it one of the elites when it comes to attractiveness. The timber can also be left untreated several years to achieve a classic silver colour. Western Red Cedar’s durability is second to none in terms of timber cladding, it is extremely resistant to decay splitting & movement once installed. All of Duffield’s Western Red Cedar is sticked & dried on site to less than 20% moisture content. This, along with the timbers colour & physical properties, makes Western Red Cedar a go-to choice for external timber cladding.

Profile Description

Shadow Gap Cladding is increasingly popular with stylish architecturally lead projects. When installed this vertical cladding creates a pronounced 10mm square shadow gap which uses natural sunlight to visually enhance the building. A modern and striking profile.


Available as PEFC

Key Features

  • #2 Clears + Better (inc 15% #4’s) grade
  • Varying between red, pink & brown colours
  • Vertical cladding
  • <20% moisture content
  • Naturally attractive & durable
  • Highlighted 10mm shadow gap
  • Visually enhancing profile
  • Stainless steel fixings to be used
  • Owatrol Textrol HES recommended finish


Subject to availability: 1.85 - 4.85m / 6 - 16 feet


£3.80m exc VAT

£44.20m² exc VAT

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Technical Specifications

Western Red Cedar

  • Common Name: Western Red Cedar
  • Scientific Name: Thuja plicata
  • Avg Dried Weight: 370kg/m3
  • Grain: Straight Grained
  • Texture: Medium to coarse
  • Grade: #2 Clears + Better (inc 15% #4's)

Technical Specifications

Western Red Cedar Vertical Shadow DTC12 - 18 x 94mm (86mm Cover)

  • Overall Size: 18mm x 94mm
  • Cover: 86mm
  • Metres per m2: 11.63m

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