Siberian Larch B Grade Screen DTC27 - 18 x 94mm (78mm Cover)


Siberian Larch B Grade Screen DTC27 - 18 x 94mm (78mm Cover) Images

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Species Description

Siberian Larch is the premier softwood when it comes to cladding. Its natural attributes make it ideal for external applications as its durable, stable and dense which provide excellent weatherproof performance. Siberian Larch is slow grown and a light straw colour with a dynamic grain pattern and is available in two grades, Unsorted and Sawfalling but we describe our stock as A Grade and B Grade for ease. A Grade allows for occasional small knots (up to 5p size) but many of the boards can be clear of defect. B Grade allows for frequent knots and some larger knots up to the size of a 50p.

Profile Description

Splayed Cladding or also known as Rainscreen Cladding is made up of rhomboidshaped boards equally spaced apart to form a decorative appearance. Unlike most other types of cladding, splayed boards are not interlocked or connected which means that the cladding is not waterproof. For this reason splayed cladding must only be used in front of a fully waterproof surface. A clean, contemporary horizontal cladding.


Available as FSC

Key Features

  • Sawfalling (B) grade
  • Pale yellow colour
  • Horizontal screen
  • <20% moisture content
  • Non waterproof
  • Naturally attractive & durable
  • Rhomboid shaped boards
  • Contemporary look
  • Stainless steel fixings to be used
  • Owatrol Textrol HES recommended finish


Subject to availability: 2.7 - 5.1m


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Technical Specifications

Siberian Larch Unsorted Grade

  • Common Name: Siberian Larch
  • Scientific Name: Larix sibirica
  • Avg Dried Weight: 590kg/m3
  • Grain: Straight Grained
  • Texture: Fine
  • Grade: Unsorted

Technical Specifications

Siberian Larch B Grade Screen DTC27 - 18 x 94mm (78mm Cover)

  • Overall Size: 18mm x 94mm
  • Cover: 78mm
  • Metres per m2: 12.82m

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