Joinery & Woodworking Centre

Joinery & Woodworking Centre

How Duffield Created the Largest Joinery & Woodworking Centre in the UK

Our Joinery and Woodworking Centre is a world of wood and ideal for tradesman, home improvers and hobbyists. Find aisles of timber from Ash to Zebrano, each plank labelled with its dimensions and price for quick selection and payment, bowl blanks, and all the extras you'll need to finish off the job.

Don't forget our staff are always happy to give advice and expert knowledge on a wide area of timber topics, and will ensure you have the right products for your project. Come down, have a coffee and see what we have to offer.


What is a Joinery & Woodworking Centre?

Duffield Timber is a Melmerby-based timber importer that boasts over 60 years of trading experience. Our experts know the industry inside out, and the company’s trading philosophy couples traditional values with innovation and investment in people. Through speaking to customers and analysing how we could improve our offering, there was one clear observation: we needed to construct a central place for local tradesmen to find all the timber supplies they’d need to complete their jobs.

With no existing wood centre in the north of England, there was a large gap in the market for us to provide this for existing as well as potential customers. For smaller joinery companies and other woodworkers and hobbyists in the area, it was difficult to locate a supplier who could fulfil their needs at a reasonable price. At Duffield, we’re passionate about working with all timber enthusiasts, and wanted to provide a Woodworking Centre that provided for a completely different and perhaps more niche market to service the needs of our customers.

Developing the Centre was going to require plenty of hard work and investment, but we set ourselves an even bigger challenge: to create the biggest wood centre in the UK.


How Duffield made the largest Joinery & Woodworking Centre in the UK

Development of the Centre began in 2016, with the construction process taking place early on in the year. A major part of this was the conversion of a main stock warehouse into an accessible, expansive shop floor. Shelving was put up to hold over 90 cubic metres of hardwoods, with the walls given a fresh, new design to complete the space.

The aesthetic design of the Centre was particularly important, so we introduced new general signage and information boards, as well as an entrance canopy. The goal was to ensure a seamless customer journey; for clients to feel welcomed from the moment they arrived in the new car park, right through to the end of their transaction.

A pushy, impersonal environment was not on the agenda. Instead, importance was placed on creating a stress-free shopping experience where customers could browse independently while also being able to ask for specialist help if necessary. As the Centre was built to make the customer experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, we wanted to create a welcoming, relaxed environment. To help achieve this, a refreshment area for customers was created. Whether to relax with a cup of coffee, take a break or chat with like-minded people from the industry, this provides the perfect space to unwind.

After four solid months of construction, by the summer of 2016 the Centre was almost ready. It was just missing one very important element... products! We stocked purpose-built racking with a huge variety of timber to give customers an extensive range of options.

We officially opened the Joinery & Woodworking Centre to the public on the 19th September 2016. Alongside our 60th birthday, the Woodworking Centre will be celebrating its first anniversary in 2017!


A sneak peak at the unique timber on offer…

Rough sawn timber is allocated to relevant sections. This includes European Hardwoods, North American Hardwoods, Tropical Hardwoods, Special Hardwoods, squares blocks, blanks and exotic blanks. Our machined timber store is found alongside the showroom.

As timber experts, we really do practice what we preach, having selected the perfect wood to really ensure a great first impression. With the entrance beautifully clad in western red cedar, visitors are led onto aisles of top-quality timber from Ash to Zebrano. Racks of clearance items and special offer bundles provide excellent value for money, too.

For the hobbyist, there’s a treasure-trove of bowl blanks in Iroko, Walnut, Oak and Maple and many more. That’s not all: our Centre also stocks exotics such as Jarrah Burr, Purpleheart, Pink Ivory, and Wild Olive.

For the connoisseur of more unique timbers, our Centre contains English Oak Burrs, four inch thick English Elm and some colossal Bubinga boards (some measuring in at 100mm x 1.6m x 3.9m) for customers to marvel at.

A comprehensive range of high-quality wood finishes, nails and screws and architraves provide visitors all they need to complete the job.

All timber vendors with stock at the Centre are evaluated and interviewed before we purchase any product; the team are dedicated to ensuring that all timber on offer is top-drawer quality, value for money and originates from environmentally managed woodlands. As certified suppliers for both FSC ® and PEFC ourselves, we recognise and endorse these programmes and work closely with vendors who are also certified and have a strong environmental policy like our own.

The benefits of Duffield Timber’s new Centre

The centre and cash desk adds up to around 1,200 square metres to the showroom, allowing the business to offer more variety, quality and quantity of hardwood than anywhere else.

The Centre is open to everyone: joiners, builders and property developers are regular customers, as well as DIYers and hobbyists. Anyone with an interest in timber, such as wood turners, woodcarvers and carpenters will appreciate the vast range of timber on offer.

Students from local schools and colleges are also warmly welcomed to the facility. For design departments with classes needing various hardwoods for their assignments, there’s no better range to choose from!

In-house experts are always on hand to provide advice about the best timbers for each individual need. With 60 years in the industry, it’s fair to say we know our stuff about timber.

New bespoke software produces a label for each individual board which provides the price, product description, volume all of the board’s dimensions and also a QR code. The QR code means our team can quickly scan the customer's items so no-one’s left waiting in a queue for long! It’s a bit like a cash-and-carry service for the timber industry - the system is already proving popular with customers!

With customer experience at the heart of the Centre, we aim to provide customers with everything they need, all under one roof. Whether it’s an epic piece of unique timber, competitive low prices or a trained staff team with wood knowledge like no other, the Centre aims to be your one-stop, full-service shop.

The Future of Timber Trading

Approval and endorsements of the Centre have been coming thick and fast. Furniture specialists Waters & Acland said: “The trade centre is big. It’s clean. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. It’s classy. It’s a bit of a wood lover’s paradise really.”

The Centre is open all week from 8am-5pm (or 4.30pm on Fridays) and Saturdays 9am-12pm. This gives customers the flexibility to stop by the Centre almost every day of the week, without the limitations of strict opening hours.

With great prices, unrivalled product range and almost constant sales and discounts throughout the year, we are truly securing our place as the UK’s leader in timber imports.

Shop Manager Joe Duffield said: “It has been a great success story so far, both for Duffield Timber and more importantly the customers. We have seen a great variety of new timbers coming through, because of the Woodworking Centre, and it’s been really interesting for everyone here. There’s a real buzz around the place at the moment!”

What’s next? In addition to our commitment to tradition, we aim to stay ahead of the curve, with an eye trained on any and all upcoming developments in the timber industry. As the Centre approaches its first birthday, we look forward to expanding the floor space to showcase its ever-growing range, aiming to delight all those timber aficionados out there.