The Beauty Behind Oak Beams

The Beauty Behind Oak Beams

Published on Monday, February 17, 2014

Oak Beams from Duffield Timber

Oak beams can add a stunning majesty to a renovation or new build project. Whether simply used in a fireplace construction or in a larger project, the warmth of this wood creates a feeling of comfort in any home.

Using dried oak can be prohibitively expensive in a home project, however, the cost of using unseasoned or green oak can make your timber-based dreams a reality.

Why Use Green Oak?

Using wood is becoming increasingly popular in projects as it is a carbon neutral product, absorbing as much or more carbon dioxide over its lifetime as it will take to use and transport around the country.

In addition, installing green oak in your house is much cheaper than using seasoned materials. It can be up to 100% more expensive to use seasoned wood.

Oak is one of the most durable construction materials around. You can look at medieval constructions to see how hardy the timber is.

How to work Green Oak

Green oak may shrink in width and breadth but hardly at all along its length. Green oak is also much easier to work than dried oak, as the wood dries to a stone-like hardness.

Due to the water content of unseasoned wood, joints and joins must be fixed with oak pegs as metal corrodes in the moist environment.

Where to find Green Oak

Duffield Timber have 200 tonnes of Green European Oak beams in stock. With our on-site machining factory, green oak beams can be cut to any specification. If this cannot be done on site due to size constraints, we can also have special order beams cut in France up to 10 metres long and up to a 500mm x 500mm section.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss oak beams or any other matter.