On-trend Timber: Oak-framed Porch Extensions - Benefits, Types, Treatment & Maintenance

On-trend Timber: Oak-framed Porch Extensions - Benefits, Types, Treatment & Maintenance

Published on Monday, June 17, 2019

Last time, we discussed Shou Sugi Ban charred timber cladding. The latest in our series about on-trend timber: everything you need to know about oak-framed porches.

Oak-framed porch extensions have boomed in popularity and are on-trend for 2019 and beyond. With a practical element, their natural elegance lends them towards many houses - and did you know that they can also add value to your property?

Read on and discover everything you’ll ever need to know!

Why are oak-framed porches becoming popular?

There are three key reasons behind the popularity of the oak porch. The natural, elegant beauty of solid oak is undeniable; these porches also provide practicalbenefits; and they can add value to a property - open porches can become leisure spaces of their own.

The oak porch is a timeless addition to your home. Although potentially evoking images of the deep-south United States, the use of a porch to create a statement has a long and distinguished history in the UK.

Open oak porches can beautifully blend the indoors and the outdoors, whereas enclosed porches can provide a storage and entrance area before entering the main building.

What type of oak porch do I want for my house?

Will it be a relatively simple affair, or perhaps a grand foyer-style porch? Will yours be open or enclosed? Will it contain glazing?

If you want a stunning indoor-outdoor addition to the entrance of your property, an open canopy-style porch will tick the box.

If your family could appreciate an extra area in which to store umbrellas, coats, shoes and any other outdoor paraphernalia, an enclosed porch is the option for your house. This will also keep heat in on those colder days - timber is a fantastic insulator!

The size of your home will most likely play a role in deciding what style of porch you want; hand-carved detailing and wide oak beams can add to the grandeur of a large property. But for houses of a more modest size, a smaller structure will likely be more appropriate.

There are many, many designs - at Duffield, we’re confident we’ll have exactly the oak porch you have in mind.

How much does an oak porch cost?

As you’d imagine, costs can vary quite a deal depending on the size and scale of the project. That said, ballpark costs for a smaller, canopy-style open oak porch usually start at around £950.00.

For a larger enclosed porch project, costs may run up to, and higher than, £5,000. Enquire with our team for a more specific quote on your oak porch project.

How long does an oak-framed porch last for?

Oak is famed for its robustness. As such, there’s absolutely no reason why an oak-framed porch structure can’t last for hundreds of years. They don’t call oak porches ‘timeless’ for nothing - their longevity have helped them to stand the test of time!

Which moves us on nicely - how exactly do I make sure that my oak porch looks its best for the longest possible time?

What types of treatment do I need to apply to my oak porch?

What kind of maintenance is required to keep your oak porch in tip-top condition?

The answer - it’s down to personal preference on the appearance of the oak. To retain their strength, oak porches don’t need any treatment. European Oak is a naturally durable, robust timber that can withstand everything the often-unpredictable UK seasons have to throw at it.

Having said that, exposure to sunlight can cause timber to weather to a silvery-grey in around a year. Whilst many people enjoy the appearance of a nicely-weathered oak porch, if you want to retain the original colour, consider a UV protective oil.

You want to choose a UV oil that matches the colour of your oak. They come in several shades, most often traditional (darker oaks), natural (lighter oaks) and clear. Over time, sun and rain will cause this protective coating to break down - so consider re-coating if you’re looking to preserve the oak’s natural colour.

Depending on the level of exposure to the elements, general maintenance would be every two years with a good UV protection but it may need to be recoated more frequently.

If you do allow your timber to weather, bear in mind that this is not a signal that the timber is rotting; it’s simply a natural colour change.

Where and how do I get an oak porch?

We stock DIY oak porch kits, designed for speed and ease of construction. They’re a complete kit of parts that seamlessly slot together, made of only the highest-quality European fresh sawn oak.

At Duffield Timber, we’ve helped many clients get their oak porch projects off the ground. To get the ball rolling on yours, get in touch with our friendly team - they’re waiting to hear from you either by contact form, email or phone!

If you’re in the area and want to cast your eye over our enviable selection of high-quality oak-framed timber products - including UV oils - why not pay us a visit too? We’re located at Melmerby, near Ripon, just off the A1(M).