Melmerby 10k Road Race

Melmerby 10k Road Race

Published on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On the Sunday just gone, 28th May, we sponsored the Melmerby 10K Road Race. This year the race saw around 310 participants travel to Melmerby. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far and the setting for the run could not have been any better, a good vibrant atmosphere and the good old Yorkshire countryside! The 10K route started in the village of Melmerby. It then progressed into its neighbouring village, Wath, the runners then made their way up to Sutton Howgrave before making their way back into Wath, via Holmebeck Lane, and finally back to Melmerby for the finish.

For this year’s race, we at Duffield Timber made it our mission to get some photos of the participants and to also create a bit of a promotional video, all to help increase awareness for the local road race. A photography crew of two, from Duffield Timber, made its way into the village on Sunday to capture some photos and footage of the event using a drone, a handheld gimbal and cameras. During the days after the race the photos were edited and published on our various social media sites for the participants to engage with and for people to tag their family and friends in. A short promotional video for the race was created and put out across various social media pages for others to see and also for the Melmerby 10K Road Race organisers to use to help promote next year’s race. 



We would like to congratulate all the runners for taking part in the event, it was a great effort from all of you. Special congratulations go to Franco Pardini for winning the men’s event with a time off 33:33.2 and Becky Briggs for winning the women’s event with a time of 39:47.0. If you are wanting to have a look at all the results from Sunday here is the link:

Picture Gallery - please check out our album on Facebook for all the pictures from the race!

 We are already looking forward to next year’s race! Hopefully the added promotion to this years has raised a bit more awareness for the event and it can be even more popular in years to come. Anyone who is interested in the Melmerby 10K Road Race here is the link to their website: Thanks everyone who took part in the race and to the organisers, we shall see you next year!!