Eco-Friendly Oak Framed Buildings From Duffield Timber

Eco-Friendly Oak Framed Buildings From Duffield Timber

Published on Thursday, July 10, 2014

Duffield Oak Framed Buildings

In recent years the use of timber to construct domestic buildings has been on the rise.  Pioneering architects such as Michael Green of Vancouver have realised the economic, environmental and practical benefits of timber framed buildings both for residential and commercial use. Green has acknowledged how sustainable these buildings are because trees can be replaced and they soak up Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow.

The UK government has committed to making new builds carbon neutral as of 2016. This means construction companies are turning to wood as an alternative material. According to the United Kingdom Timber Frame Association (UKTFA), more and more constructors are beginning to appreciate the benefits of timber; wood currently accounts for around 75% of the self-build market and is frequently being adopted for use in social and private housing. 

How is Timber Sustainable?

Oak absorbs CO²

Trees require CO² for photosynthesis, meaning that as a tree grows it absorbs CO² and locks it away in the trunk. The more trees are planted, the more CO² can be absorbed.

Timber Doesn’t Require Manufacturing

Wood is a raw material that can be extracted easily from the environment and requires little processing before it is suitable for construction. Steel and concrete need to be extracted from the earth, which is costly and then manufactured. Our timber construction frames are cut, shaped and jointed which requires little energy.

Timber Can Be Replaced

Steel, concrete and bricks are manufactured from raw materials such as iron, clay and sand. Once these materials are extracted there is no way of replacing them, whereas you can plant more trees and essentially replace the ones felled.

Waste is kept to a Minimum

A tree is to a builder what a pig is to a butcher: every part comes in useful for something so waste is minimised. The main trunk is cut and used for timber but what’s left can be sold to make different products such as paper, chipboard or furniture.

Wood Keeps You Warm

Wood is a very poor conductor of heat but a good insulator, thanks to its fibrous structure. It takes less time to heat up a room and because the whole structure is completely sealed no heat is lost. Throughout the life of the building, timber delivers a 33% reduction in energy consumption for a large detached house and a 20% reduction for apartments.

Oak Framed Buildings from Duffield Timber

At Duffield Timber we provide a range of robust oak framed buildings which come as a DIY kit. The structures use high quality fresh sawn oak from Europe which is sustainably managed. All kits provide the parts and detailed instructions required to construct the building. The timber is CNC machined, then shaped and mortise and tenon jointed so that building is straightforward.

Our range of Oaf framed buildings come in set sizes and offer a range of roof types including hip roof, gable end + catslide and kiosque. These buildings are perfect for creating pergolas, conservatories, garages, sheds, bandstands and shelters.

For more information on dimensions and designs download the oak structures brochure or contact us if you have any queries.