Duffield Timber’s Guide to Wood Flooring

Duffield Timber’s Guide to Wood Flooring

Published on Wednesday, December 10, 2014

There are so many factors to consider when buying a new wood floor that you can quickly become overwhelmed. Fear not, our wood flooring guide is designed to help you every step of the way. From choosing the size of your boards right through to the profile and grade of wood you would prefer.

Floor Board Sizing Guide

All of our wood floor boards are measured in thickness by width so you can quickly establish how much flooring you require.

Lengths will vary on your requirements, and boards can be cut to suit your needs which can be arranged prior to delivery.

Engineered floor boards have a top layer of solid oak, which is 6mm thick on 20mm boards and 3.5mm thick on 14mm boards.

Most board lengths are in excess of 1.7 metres which can vary slightly.

Wood Profile Guide

Square Edge


Floor boards with a flush, square edge. A square edge profile is perfect for creating an immaculate, uniform finish when combined with classic and prime grade wood flooring.

Micro-Bevel (V)

Floor boards with an angle at the edge of a plank that creates a ‘V’ shape. This gives clear definition between the boards, and is a desirable profile due to the fact any minor wood imperfections are often less prominent with micro-bevel boards.

Wood Flooring Grades


Contains distinctive naturally occurring features such as knots and mineral streaks and expect to find colour variations. Best known for adding authentic, rustic style to classic, country interiors.


Sometimes referred to as Prime,Classic is opposite to Country with less natural features and a very clear appearance which makes it perfect for contemporary interiors. May still contain small knots and very minor variations.


The highest grade of wood flooring available. Expect to see minimal imperfections and colour variation. Offers a natural and attractive appearance which is uniform and clear.

Like what you see? We offer a massive range of stunning wood flooring, available in a variety of styles to suit you. Browse online now, or visit our showroom to view the fantastic range of flooring we have to offer!

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