Classic Timber Choices: the Benefits of Utile

Classic Timber Choices: the Benefits of Utile

Published on Friday, November 03, 2017


[Photograph credited to Philipp Zinger]

With unusual colouring and excellent strength, Utile could be just the timber you need for your next project. Read all about its benefits…

What can Utile be used for?

Thanks to its strength, Utile is most commonly used for making:

  • Furniture
  • Cabinetry
  • Veneer
  • Boats
  • Flooring
  • Turned objects

What does Utile look like?

Utile has an unusual reddish-brown coloured heartwood and a distinct lighter-coloured sapwood.

Utile’s working properties

Utile dries at a moderate rate, and whilst there is tendency for original shakes in the wood to extend during this process, distortion is not generally severe. The wood has satisfactory machining, screwing and nailing properties. Utile glues very well and a satisfactory finish can be achieved once the timber has been filled.


Utile timber profile:

  • Strength: Excellent
  • Weight: 660kg/m3
  • Typically grows: West and Central Africa
  • Maximum tree height: 60m with a diameter of up to 2.5m
  • Availability: Widely available
  • Fun fact: The heartwood within the Utile tree can often contain a purplish-brown colour

Our Joinery & Woodworking Centre houses Utile timber for you to take a look at. Come and chat to our expert team about how we can help you find the right wood for your project!