Biomass Wood Pellets FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

Biomass Wood Pellets FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

Published on Friday, September 28, 2018

The leaves are tumbling and the temperature is taking an unfortunate, slightly chillier turn. Before you know it, the heating needs to be turned on.

Whether you’ve got an industrial biomass heating system or just looking to fire up the wood pellet boiler at home, you’ll be in need of some fuel. As the largest stockist of wood pellets in the North East, here’s our go-to guide - almost everything you’ll need to know about wood pellets to prepare for the winter, and where to get them!

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are a biofuel used for biomass boilers. They are small, cylindrical pieces made from compacted leftover timber, sawdust and other lumber-related waste - as shown below.

As an alternative to fossil fuel, wood pellets are the ultimate in environmentally-friendly fuel; they’re made of leftover timber biomass which is then compressed, providing a very low-carbon source of energy.

Pellet fuels are also useful for helping to save money, too. The eco-friendliness of biomass heating systems can be useful for helping to claim Renewable Heat Incentive payments. The pellets’ extremely small size means they pack in some real density - excellent for transportation, too!

How much do wood pellets cost?

These are great prices we've knocked up at our cash-and-carry retail outlet…

-> One 975kg Pallet £263.00 + VAT (5% for biofuel use)
-> One 525kg Half Pallet £160.00 + VAT (5% for biofuel use)
-> One 15kg Bag £4.85 + VAT (5% for biofuel use)
-> One 1,350kg Dumpy Bag £315.00 + VAT (5% for biofuel use)

How do I know I’m getting high-quality wood pellets?

When you’re buying your wood pellet fuel, make sure they have an ENplus A1 certification, ideally from a BSL-accredited supplier - like ourselves!

ENplus is “a world-leading, transparent and independent certification scheme for wood pellets” that aims to combat fraud and guarantee quality in the supply chain. Their A1 certification is the best guarantee and assurance of premium-quality pellets that you can get.

Can wood pellets be used on a fireplace?

Wood pellets can be used on an open fire if you use a specially-designed basket or tray.

Where can I buy wood pellets?

At our site in Melmerby (near Ripon), we currently have stocks of 500 tonnes of wood pellets.

Whether you’re in search of something smaller - 15kg of bagged pallets - or perhaps something bigger - such as one of our 1350kg bulk dumpy bags - we’ve got you sorted.

What’s more, we guarantee a quick turnaround. Pop down to our cash-and-carry retail outlet in Melmerby, or take advantage of our three-day delivery service using tail-lift pallet delivery vehicles!

Didn’t get the answer you were looking for?

If you have any other questions about wood pellets, our friendly team would be happy to help - so get in touch.

As a certified BSL-accredited supplier of ENplus A1-certified wood pellets for Renewable Heating Incentive payments, it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two - and should be able to answer almost any question about you have.

And if you do pay us a visit, whilst you’re here, why not glance over the enviable collection of wood in our Joinery & Woodworking Centre? It’s not been called “woodlovers paradise” for nothing, we’ll have you know…