As Seen On TV: Duffield Timber’s Joinery & Woodworking Centre

As Seen On TV: Duffield Timber’s Joinery & Woodworking Centre

Published on Monday, October 21, 2019

As timber enthusiasts will be able to tell you, there’s nothing quite as exciting as browsing for the perfect timber for your next project. 

If you tuned into Channel 5 at 8PM on 10 October, you might’ve spotted Duffield Timber!

As part of the show — The Wonderful World of Crafting — Mike, who had given up his job in architecture to follow his dream of woodworking, was doing what he loves: perusing timbers for next furniture project.

Mike certainly seems to have found the perfect place to do this: our Joinery & Woodworking Centre. Anyone who’s visited will be able to tell you what an experience it is: whether a home improver, tradesperson or just a hobbyist, there’s an incredible array of wood to choose from! It’s been described as a ‘wood lover’s paradise’ many a time… 

“One of my favourite parts of the process is coming to the timber yard to pick out the wood — to see the grain, to see the texture. I get excited — all this raw wood can be made into furniture. It’s the endless possibilities!”

Mike called time on his architecture career two years ago in order to pursue his dream in woodworking and furniture making. For him, you just can’t beat the feeling of being in the timber yard and the workshop. We fully agree.

From his woodworking HQ (his parents’ shed), Mike is busy creating all sorts of fantastic furniture, as shown in the program. He can rest assured that he’s making use of the finest timbers out there!

Best of luck to Mike with his woodworking endeavours — we’re looking forward to seeing him back in the Woodworking Centre soon.

You can watch the full episode here: 

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